Lasting relationships with our customers and partners are our real strength: an asset founded on trust and mutual understanding . A specially structured, multi-functional team is dedicated to each project. This is a plus that makes us stand out because it brings specialized skills into play, backed by our extensive experience in the management of projects pertaining to different product sectors. Our highly collaborative and adaptive “fluid” approach makes ECRM Group the ideal partner for business development.


Our aim is to help our customers view CRM not as a project, but as a mission, integrated with the company’s culture and values. A business strategy for expanding their customer base and increasing customer lifetime value, with a special focus on data quality and system integration. We study consumer behavior and guarantee continuity and reliability in measuring results.


We help our clients see customer loyalty as an integrated system based on multi-channel thinking and customer engagement. From mapping customer journeys to targeted marketing strategies that take advantage of digital technologies, we create and manage brand loyalty projects to make the relationship lasting and profitable by rewarding both customer involvement and transactions.


We were the first to digitalize gift cards, thus offering the retail industry a powerful tool to increase sales thanks to new business channels. In the B2C sector, we introduced gift cards to the worlds of e-commerce and social media; in the B2B sector, we introduced the concept of digital rewards, thereby revolutionizing the incentive and recognition systems. In addition, thanks to digital coupons, the world of business opened to the unlimited applications of the web.


We have introduced a new concept of promotion based on rewards that are perceived as highly valuable and are available in real time. This is a concept that we also extend to initiatives related to incentives and corporate welfare. Thanks to our technologically advanced vision and solutions we are able to structure multi-channel operations with a range of digital rewards that exceed all standards.


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